20 Tips how to be a better bettor!

20 Tips how to be a better bettor!
  • Always understand the numbers and symbols before placing bets
  • Set aside a clear bankroll that will be used for sports betting
  • Never bet your full bankroll, only bet a percentage of 1%-5%

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1. Always understand the numbers and symbols before placing bet
When placing a bet, always understand the Numbers/odds as betting on an unknown number could be the reason why your betting experience was unsuccessful, and if you were successful it is most likely that it was by chance and the next time around you might not be as lucky.

2. Set aside a clear bankroll that will be used for sports betting
Setting aside a clear amount for your bankroll is essential. Don’t add more money that you are willing to lose and always remember that betting should be fun. Try not to withdraw and deposit too often as you may lose track of you winnings and losses.

3. Never bet your full bankroll, only bet a percentage of 1%-5%
When placing a bet always bet 1%-5% of your bankroll as if you are new to the betting world you can prolong your betting experience and even have enough time to understand or find a method that works for you.

4. Choose best price selection/odds between bookmakers
When placing a bet, always check the odds between bookmakers as you might find higher odds elsewhere and could increase your winnings. You might need to open an account with two or more bookmakers and in the long run it could make a massive difference.

5. Never increase your bet to make up for previous losses
It’s crucial that you never increase your bets to make up for any prior losses. Even professional bettors go through a slump and if you stick to your usual ways you will be back up in not time.

6. Everyone goes through a losing streak, don't let it get you down
When you going through one of those dry spots and don't seem to be as successful as before, you always need to remember that even Pro Bettors only have a success rate of 60-70%. Don't change your strategy of betting as it could cause more losses in the future, wait it out and before you know you will be back to your winning ways!

7. Money management is important as it can make your season last through those dry spells
Money management is as vital as it is in our day to day life. Set aside an amount you are willing to use on a monthly basis and nothing more and result back to tip 3 which states, don’t bet more than 1-5% of your bankroll.

8. Don’t pick your favorite teams, do research and bet wisely
We always want to pick our favorite teams as we feel that we’ve been supporting them your whole lives, but don’t let this impair your judgement. There are many sites that offer information on teams previous performances so spend that extra time to look into it and it will pay off in the long run!

9. Check teams winning history as it can help you choose where to place your bet
Checking the teams history can help you in many ways on where and how to place your bets. When checking these statistics you can find out how a team has been performing away and at home, when they are most likely to score, what the averages are on how many goals are scored at home and away, ect.

10. If you placed your bet beforehand and your odds are down, see if your bookmaker offers hedging so you can move your bet and still make a profit
Checking what options of betting your bookmaker has to offer might save you some cash if they have things like ‘Hedging’. Read into each bookmaker and see what make their experience better than others!

11. Choose a betting strategy and stick to it, even in hard times. All successful bettors have realised this and stick to their guns
Choosing a betting strategy can be the difference between winning and losing. There are many places that offer strategies but finding your own way over time by finding which ways work for you could be the best possible solution.

12. In the beginning stick to one sport to bet on to get the hang of things
Sticking to one sport while you are learning the ropes is your best possible option as different sports have different odds and handicaps which might be challenging to understand for someone who is new to the game. When you are comfortable in one sport and feel you are handling it, than you can broaden your betting options.

13. Sticking to one sport will build confidence and understanding
Confidence in betting comes with time, you not going to become a Pro overnight, slowly wins the race!

14. Always do research before opening an account with bookmakers
There are many bookmakers out there and checking background information about a bookmaker is essential! Check into all possible areas like deposit methods, payouts and even go and read forums about any bad experiences, this way avoiding any issues that might arise in the future. Always read the bookmakers T&C/ToU.

15. Making guesses hardly ensures you winning a bet
Guessing does not certain a win and if you does it’s not bound to happen again. If a player likes the rush he/she gets, then by all means do it! Don't take the loss personally. Remember that betting is meant to be FUN!

16. Bet on the heavy favorite if they trail and still have a good opportunity to win straight up
If you have done research into a team and they are the heavy favorite and trail, always go for the easy bet as you are most likely to come out on top. Remember even the best teams have a bad day!

17. As you become more experienced you will find that live betting is more profitable
Live betting usually offers better odds than overall bets. Betting while the match is in progress gives you more options on which you can place your bet and sometimes better odds if a team is down 1 or sitting all square.

18. Sober betting is important when placing your bet
Betting under the influence might be thrilling for some but you don’t take everything that has been mentioned above into consideration. At the end of the day it’s a players choice but it might not be the best! Follow this simple three BBB rule (Bet Before Beer)!

19. Betting should be enjoyed at all times
Betting should be enjoyed by all at all times. If you feel that you are not enjoying betting or it is influencing your life in a negative way, it’s time to step back and look at the situation from a different point of view! Weigh out the pros and cons and then decide what’s best for you!

20. Bet with your brain and not with your heart!