ExposeBet is the first website that offers comparisons of odds between a player’s list of favorite bookmakers, Live HD Streaming of your chosen matches and advice on how to win on the provided odds.


ExposeBet has been put together to simplify what players have always been looking for. Our team has overcome many obstacles to provide needed players with everything to have an enjoyable and successful betting experience on one website.


What ExposeBet provide: 

-Comparing Odds

-Live Steaming

-Betting Advice


Comparing Odds

Being able to compare odds with all your favorite bookmakers on one site, saves a player the time from having to open several pages at once and therefore not losing any valuable time. Odds will change throughout the match automatically without having to refresh the page. All a player will need to do is click on their choice of odds and proceed with their betting experience.


Live Streaming

Free live HD streaming gives the player an opportunity to watch their favorite teams from anywhere around the globe, on any device while being able to check the odds of their selected matches adapt continuously to their betting needs. ExposeBet offers a range of Free HD Streaming from football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball and boxing. Our team is working on providing added sports to the current list and will be able to offer many more sports in the near future.


Betting Advice

ExposeBet has put together a few tips for those newbies or players that want to improve their betting game. Betting advice given is there to assist the player to bet smartly and additionally help them into becoming as triumphant as possible without taking any hard hits.


ExposeBet does not encourage underage gambling. We are yet a provider that yearns to make your betting experience more enjoyable. Bet with your head, not your heart!